Typhoon Stowaway - The stylish way to store


The vintage traveller’s trunk, with its iconic, top down lid, and durable clasps, is an absolute design classic and served as the inspiration for Typhoon’s newest range of storage solutions: Stowaway.

The home is intended to be a space of peace and tranquillity but sometimes this standard can slip. What should take 5 seconds to find can sometimes take an hour – with an upside-down bedroom to then reassemble.

Taking inspiration from yesteryears travel trunks, Typhoon’s Stowaway range with its simplistic yet self-assured style can find itself in any home, any room and any lifestyle to help declutter your mess.

The versatility of this grey and cream collection knows no bounds, and its interchangeable content labels are a testament to this. You can even take complete control with the blank labels.

While it may appear that Stowaway is intended for the kitchen, we believe that it has versatile uses throughout the home. Listed below, is a brief rundown of where we think these adaptable trunks can be placed. But by no means, is this a comprehensive list and its uses are endless…

1. The Office: Avoid the hassle of desperately searching for your office essentials, and host all of your stationery in the Stowaway Medium Storage container.


2. The Makeup Desk: All makeup wearers know the stress of not being able to find your go-to mascara, lipstick or foundation when you’re in a rush. Stowaway’s Large Storage box is an ideal solution for this, so that all your products can be in one place. The smaller containers can also be used to separate eye makeup from foundation, blusher etc.


3. The Living Room: Vinyl’s can take up a lot of space, and of course need to be stored carefully. A Stowaway Bread Bin can keep your collection secure whether you’re just getting into the scene or have some classics to keep safe.


4. The Garden Shed: Wipe the dust off your packet seeds that have been lying around, and give them the home they deserve in a Stowaway Small Storage box.


5. The Kitchen: Of course, it makes great kitchen storage also. Hide your treats in our Large Stowaway Storage containers. The airtight seal will keep your sugary snacks deliciously fresh…