Serve Up Style with Typhoon Kitchenware


Celebrating over the weekend? Or maybe you’re planning on having a BBQ or garden party? Whatever you’re going to be doing, you’ll want to impress your guests with these elegant party platters from Typhoon Kitchenware.

People love tasting little bite size snacks, especially at weddings, parties or BBQs. Instead of going for the common finger sandwiches, cheese and pickle sticks and the dreaded sausage roll, why not be a bit more adventurous this year.

Making a salmon and cream cheese appetiser or a prawn and sweet chilli sauce snack is so simple and will leave your guests impressed.

The Typhoon platters add a bit of class and sophistication and can make hosting a party stress free. Simply make the snacks prior to your party and leave them out for your guests to help themselves, leaving you free to mingle!

You can also use the platters to serve up a mini dessert selection to showcase a number of sweet dishes you enjoy. Try a rich chocolate mouse or cheese cake slice or a fruity cocktail.

Serve Up Style with Typhoon Kitchenware