Know How

With a little bit of Typhoon Know How it’s easy to whip up amazing meals in minutes and make good food taste great. Check out our how to pages and videos where we will show you how to keep your Typhoon cookware in tip top condition, ensuring year upon year of trouble-free non-stick cooking.

Ever wondered why food has started to stick to your carbon steel wok or why eating with chop sticks equals a lap full of food and an empty stomach?! Take a look at our how to and video pages to find out the answers! While you’re there; check out our recipe page where we have put together a selection of our favourite Asian recipes which not only taste fantastic but are quick and easy to make too.

From delicately infused oils that are perfect for drizzling, to mouth- watering sweet desserts Asian style; we have put together some delicious recipes that will put our food preparation products to the test and will go down a treat with friends and family.

Want to make your pizza bases extra crispy? Our how to pages will guide you in making restaurant quality pizzas with minimum effort. The secret? A Typhoon Pizza stone! Find out how to keep your cast iron chargriller in perfect condition with just a few steps and check out our tasty family friendly recipes for stress- free weekday cooking.